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Why Learn AMHARIC?

Why Learn AMHARIC? Dr. Malaku Emmanuel Bayen

The Amharic (አማርኛ Amarigna) script is the only pure literature of the African in Africa. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main evidences to support the claim that ETHIOPIA has been the fountain of civilization in Africa. There is no reason why the ETHIOPIAN language can not be taught to every Black person in the world for a wealth of historical material of Black man is found only in this language.

The Amharic alphabet (Feedel ፊደል) has, so far, been used only in ETHIOPIA; but there are many languages within ETHIOPIA that use the alphabet. The origin of the Feedel ፊደል, however, still remains obscure and requires further research. Gi’iz ግዕዝ, one of the Ancient languages that uses the Feedel ፊደል, is now classically antiquated, and other ETHIOPIAN languages that had previously not used the Feedel ፊደል are now using it. The Feedel ፊደል itself has changed only slightly, just enough to accommodate the additional sounds for the different languages. The ETHIOPIAN alphabet (Feedel ፊደል) has been able to do this because of the simplicity of its nature; it is a phonetic alphabet.

We have in the Amharic alphabet (Feedel fDl) every conceivable sound in any language. Therefore, the persons who have learned how to pronounce the Amharic letters will have acquired a power in the lingual and labial production of words in any language, thus making it easy for the process of learning other languages.

Those who wish to learn the language should try to learn to write and recognize these characters by continuous practice. After these characters are learned, a great part of the language is accomplished.

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